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The Hosts


Chris Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

From the dawn of time, man has wondered what the meaning of life is. We sure as hell have no idea what it is but have chosen to freely discuss our thoughts and ideas on it over a beer.

With one years difference in age, the Hamilton brothers have always shared many of the same intrigues and fascinations with the world we live in. From firsthand experiences to uneducated guesses, we have always shared discoveries from this bizarre awareness called life. Finally we have decided that people smarter than us can listen to our thoughts and ideas and maybe help us find some answers.


We also happen to like beer...a lot. So what better way to share some stories, ideas, and bull sh**t then over a cold brew! 


With these two concepts combined, we decided to share a happy hour with our friends across the world. From local mysteries to worldwide phenomenon, to real life stories of fumbled mishaps, we would love for you to join Happy Hour with the Hamilton Bros! 

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